What are the blade edges like on Hanwei/Tinker swords?
I guess I asked the question in the header :-) I`am interested most, in your input on the edges on the Norman and replacement blades. Allso on any other opinion,you might have, on thier Norman.

Thanks in Advance :-)
The edge on my Norman purchased 3 years ago was very good. No secondary bevel. It was not scary sharp or anything but a good sharp edge that could easily be made much sharper.

The edge on a bare H/T bastard unfullered blade I bought about 6 months ago was pretty much the same as above.

I don't care for a crazy sharp edge so for me, the edges on both these H/T models were perfect. I think the more important thing than super sharp is that the edge be in good shape, even etc and not it all hacked up or rough. Mine were good solid edges as sold.
What Bryan said... really, these are very good blades. Would not want to SHAVE with one, out of the box - but the profiles have been VERY decent. I touch mine up with my 1" belt sander, 400 grit.... but I've never really had to get nasty with one.
Older generation H/T's (200...? whenever they first came out, to roughly 2010 or 11-ish) could have extremely rough edges. Sometime in 2011 or so I purchased a bastard sword that had almost a 90-degree secondary bevel edge; it was ridiculous. Took a dickens of a long time to sharpen up.

The newer generation Norman I purchased used, however, had far nicer edges. The previous owner hadn't sharpened it, and I've never sharpened mine-- it cuts well anyway.

So in general (there are always exceptions) a H/T purchased after 2012-13 ish should have very decent edges that require only touching up to make sharp. They've also largely fixed the issues that earlier generations had with a scabbard throat that would scrape up the edges of the blades.

Edit to add, I purchased the Norman in approximately 2012 I think. I'm not sure when the previous owner had purchased it so I can't comment on its 'generation'.

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