I have never had my email hit so hard as I did after the 3 day sale was over. :D :D :D

Check it out here: www.customswordshoppe.com
It was successful and I filled up my queue but a whole bunch of people sent me emails saying they didn't see the sale until it was too late.
So here the deal. I have reinstated the sale prices and this time they will be up for the rest of September.

The main difference is that on these the quoted production time will be as follows:

Taken from the Custom Sword Shoppe site
The estimated build time on a sword ordered this week is 4-6 weeks.
This is based on the number of swords in production right now and projected sales over the next few weeks.

Your build could take a little longer or finish much quicker depending upon the model ordered and the level of customization requested.

If you have any questions or have a deadline you need to meet, please feel free to contact us via