Help identifying markings on a 19 centery pistol
I have a 19 centery flintlock pistol made by Hamburger & co of London and Ireland which has some interesting engraving on the butt and on the oval peace where initials normally go ( cant remember the proper name for it).
On the butt i am pretty sure it is the 17th lancers duke of Cambrigde's own, but correct me if I am wrong.
The other mark I have no idea what it is.
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The other marks are a crest and initials. The crest is for Macdonald, so now you need to look at the relevant Army Lists of the period to see if you can find a match for the initials and surname. I can take a look later today.

Hamburger & Co. operated under that name from 1812-26.


PS--I have attached a crest and initials from a sword I used to own, also for Macdonald.

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Other possibilities include MacAlister, McAlister, and MacDonnell. Unfortunately I could not find any matches in the 17th Lancers for the period 1812-26. There was a Macdonald, but his initials do not match. I did find a James Murray Macdonald of the 1st Madras Light Cavalry, and his season of appointment was 1825, so that fits within the right window of time. I am not confident that this is your man, especially since I could not find any connection between the "Death or Glory" motto and the 1st Madras LC. I suppose it could have been a personal, non-official motto adopted by the individual officer. It is certainly an interesting piece. Perhaps the helpful members of the Napoleonic Wars Forum ( can help you.

Best of luck!

I think the initials are J M M and the closest match I could find was a Captain John Macartney and he served in the right time frame.
I cannot find Macartney associated with the crest, so I doubt he is your man.

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