Multi-purpose cutting stand
I made a few cutting stands this weekend, and I know a number of people on here do cutting with sharps, and I thought I would share the pictures and general info on them.

Some quick photos of a new style cutting stand I made. Had some materials on hand that have been sitting around, and decided I'd make myself a stand. Made a couple extra, because, well why not?

All 3 are the same. The "lower" part of the stand has a hole in it that can use: (1) a spiked peg for tatami / pool noodles, (2) a flat platform to place milk jugs, water bottles, evil cabbages, etc., or (3) an add-on piece to raise the height of the stand, which also has a hole in top and can use the spiked peg or platform as well.

Basic measurements:
* 35" tall overall
* main post: 27" base + 8" elevation add-on, 4x4 post (3 1/2" x 3 1/2")
* roughly 10" long feet, 2x4 lumber (1 1/2" x 3 1/2")
* 1" holes for spikes / platform

* Two screws per leg.
* Each leg butts against the other for stability.
* Drill holes for pegs (3)
* Cut little platform (6"x6" is what size I did)
* Cut small peg that goes on the bottom of platform and screw together

Overview. I turned the extension piece on the one in the middle so it's easy to see where it joins.
Close-up of the stands.
Overhead view of the peg and the rotated add-on piece.
The add-on piece showing the peg and hole for the peg.
The little platform and the bottom peg piece. This one is a little shorter, I made the other few slightly longer since I had enough leftover dowel rod.
Multi-purpose cutting stand
[ Linked Image ]
For those with swords, these cutting stands may come in handy.
My question is: How to get one of these, James?
Re: Multi-purpose cutting stand
Shahril Dzulkifli wrote:
[ Linked Image ]
For those with swords, these cutting stands may come in handy.
My question is: How to get one of these, James?

Shahril, they are very easy to make. I am not selling them. I made one for myself and a couple for friends. They can even be made with hand tools (if you can get a drill).

The lumber can be found at any nearby lumber or home improvement stores. There are 4x4 deck railings but it is cheaper to get an 8' long post. You can make two stands from one 8' post (or a 6' post if your store has those).

You can also get two stands out of a single 2x4 that is 8 feet long. Cut it in half, then cut both of those into quarters.

The pegs are just 1" dowel rod that I cut into shorter pieces and sanded into a point. The point does not have to be very sharp.

If you try to make one and get stuck, let me know if you have any questions.

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