This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hi! I have an albion liechtenauer for sale along with a riveted maille shirt.

The liechtenauer is lovingly used, no major dings, but has some oxidization stains. (pics on request) It still performs beautifully. The pommel was loose, and was sent back to albion who re-peened, re-wrapped, and polished the pommel. It is going nowhere. Wouldn't really like to sell this, but have to for rent reasons. I am asking $400 firm. Will ship in original box.

The maille shirt is a Kult of athena "lord of battles" large wedge riveted/solid ring shirt, modified to be two inches shorter and have a slit down the front neck about a foot to better be put on. Included is the "arming coat" we were using, an inexpensive wool doublet, also from kult. Again, not terribly happy to let this go. Asking $375 for both maille and coat.

Thanks again.