Source of this harness?

Is there a source for this harness? Who was the person that owned this harness? What's the name of those fluffy cloth he is wearing?

Source of this harness?
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I am not sure about the source of this harness, so too the owner and type of cloth.
It belonged to Philip the Handsome, and is now in the Real Armeria in Madrid.
The helmet is pretty unusual. Almost certainly a parade piece, though the rest of the armour is certainly functional.

The 'fluffy cloth' is probably a garment called 'trunk hose'. These were like very puffy shorts that closed upon the leg above the knee; they were worn with tights or hose underneath. Very typical of late 1400's to roughly early or mid 1500's, after this point they were stretched out and essentially became what we call breeches.
The helmet mimics the civilian biretta, so generally falls into the "hat of iron"/chapel de fer category, though no one would call it a kettle hat. There is one sallet from Rhodes, now in the Musee de l'Armee, with a similar upturned brim.
Thanks for the replies

I saw another picture of this armor before, can't remember where but this armor only covered the upper body. And no luck searching for Phlip on google :cry:
Some detailed photos and several pages of text describe the armour in Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy, a publication from the Met that is among those available for free download on their website.

Description of the armour begins on p.114, at least in the paper version.
Thanks for the pdf download :)

A feature not visible in the museum picture, according to the link Jeffrey provided this armor is decorated with etching. Was it common for the arm harness to be pointed to the breastplate straps?

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