Identify my sallet
I have a second hand sallet thats supposedly based on a museum piece. My friend Stefan Hansson identified it as one in the Royal Armouries in Leeds. I have found one picture of the original. Does anyone have more? I'm particularily interested in the right hand side with the visor latch rivets.

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Leeds original.

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My reproduction, right side.
The liner rivets have been redone by me, so they are not the fancy brass ones as on the original.
Hi Tjarand,

Here you go, along with detail of the visor rivets at the largest size I have on file!

Tom Biliter also posted some pics of this sallet over on AAF in Novermber 2008; if you join there, you should be able to find them. Otherwise, I could ask his permission to re-post here.

Say hello to Stef from me next time you see him! :D

Edited to add: For reference, this is inventory number IV.427. If you're wanting to find out more about it, there's some information in Karcheski and Richardson's The Medieval Armour from Rhodes, although they only show the left side. Carlo's Vol 1 of the Royal Armouries does show the right side - and at a large size - although it's hard to see some of the detail of the visor catch.

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Sweet! Thanks Mark.
Love the proportions on this one, and it looks like the armourer got the reproduction quite right.
No problem!

Yes, they did a great job. Main difference is where the 'keyline' is - the point of change between the convex and concave lines, but this can be hard to match well.

Do you know who the maker was? If not, is that a maker's stamp on the tail - if you post a clear photo of it here, we might be able to work out who made this ... I'm keen to know! :D
I actually had the maker identified on this forum some time ago. It's made by an Hungarian smith, Mate Bansaghi.

He has a website, but the pictures of the helmets there really don't show the craftmanship in my sallet. I'ts welded, but hand hammered and hand filed. I originally bought it cheap based on a blurry photo but I saw it had the eye slit correctly narrow.

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