Vendel 1 seax
I am looking for pictures and really any information about the "single-edged sword" that was found in Vendel grave nr1. The knife is mentioned in several sources. But there is not to be found in Historiska museumet, which has the rest of the finds. I found pictures on the seax found in grave No. 9(12 in the book Vendeltid?) But very little about that was found in grave No. 1. The knife it self was almost gone and the sheath shows similarities to that which is found in valsgärde, that is all the information i found. I'm very grateful for all info.
Vendel 1 seax
Is it a sword or a knife that you are looking for, Jonas?
Hjalmar Stolpe call it single-edged sword in"vendelfynden", but refer to it later for a long weapon knife. Greta Arwidsson call it a schmalsax which I think is a better description. So I'm looking for a weapon knife that has been called both a short single-edged sword and a schmalsax.
I have found what I was looking for. It is a seax that are very similar to the one found in bjärs on Gotland. In the end I took a little trip to Carolina redevivia in Uppsala to read excavation report by Hjalmar Stolpe. It contained a smaller deskription and a detailed image. The knife itself is completely gone, but the bronze fittings on the sheath is fairly intact.

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