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My collection has grown too large and some recent changes to my life require me to start paring it down to recoup some of the cash invested. It's hard for me to part with my prized possessions, but priorities change and cause us all to make the tough choices.

I have here for sale a Saxon Military Sword created by Arms & Armor of Minnesota.

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I've had this sword a long time because, simply put, it's awesome. The dynamics are fantastic on this sample. Every person who's handled it has been surprised by it. It's not what people might expect from this sword.

I suspect most people think that it's a dainty little rapier... WRONG. It's a sword with a stiff blade capable of some really good slashing cuts delivered with authority. It's also super easy to use and has excellent point control. This is what I wrote about it in my My Collection Gallery:

A functional military sword with a touch of class, this sword type was used by Northern European soldiers through much of the 16th century. The all black hilt is enhanced by bronze crowns and vertical bars over a leather grip. The hilt arm and back sweep added to the cross-guard protect the first finger when placed over the guard. This style grip was used to increase point control for the thrust when fighting and demonstrates one of the earliest developments of the rapier hilt.

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Overall length: 42.5"
Weight: 3.1 pounds
Width of guard: 10.5"
Width of grip: 1"
Blade: 35.5" below finger ring; 1.125" wide tapering to .625"
Fullers: 1 @ 10.5" long; 2 @ 2" long
Grip and pommel: 5.5" long
Point of Balance (PoB): 2.5" from guard
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~25" from guard

Additional info:

This one is special to me... I've had it for a long time. I feel like I got really, really lucky with this example because the dynamics/handling characteristics are just so perfect. There's a couple little nicks and spots on the hilt, but otherwise it's really in surprisingly great condition. It comes with a simple black scabbard as created by A&A.

A new model from Arms & Armor would cost you $970 plus $155 for the scabbard, totaling $1,125... and while getting a new sword, you'd not only have to wait to get it made and shipped, you'd likely receive something with different handling characteristics than mine here.


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