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For sale all set of late 16th early 17th century armour,

It has been made by Miroslaw Dallige (Poland). Armour is hand crafted of 1,5 mm stell (not stainless).
I have made some small corrections. Armour was used in some festivals, including tourment fights,
I could sent more detailed photos of any part.

- breast and backplate (if someone have seen my thick breast - 3-4 mm, that in here has about 1,5 - 2 mm)
- two types of gorgets (made of 1,5 mm)
- two types of arm harness
- tassets
- burgonet helmet

Armour is rather for a small one (like me) - 174 cm tall, 100 cm in chest
(I had used thick leather fencing dublet)

I am asking for 1250$ + shipping (in UE it is about 50$, to US it is about 300$)
I accept paypal payments.

Via Private message, email at: aether [x] (where [x] means @)

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