Danish Greatsword?
Hello, I have some question about one type of a sword. Sword that Albion's "The Dane" based off it.

However, I took interest in the original and I fail to find the pictures of the originals.

Anyone happen to have it?
It's a great sword isn't it. I don't know if the Albion Dane is based on a specific sword. Peter Johnsson's notes on that Albion page reference several swords:
A number of these swords has been found in the graves of Danish Noblemen dating to the third quarter of the 15th C. Quite a few has also been found as loose finds in other parts of Scandinavia. It is impossible to say whether these weapons saw a popularity among the fighting men from all parts of Scandinavia, or if the finds are remains of Danish knights and men-at-arms who fought and fell on foreign soil.

Someone will surely educate us both. However, I do know that Arms and Armor did a custom on a specific Danish Two-handed sword, found here: http://www.arms-n-armor.com/custom931.html

and reviewed here on myArmoury: http://www.myArmoury.com/review_aa_dane.html

That review has more specific information and a picture of the original Danish Two-handed sword from Elsinore.
And here are my brief thoughts:

There are photos of original swords in there and some comments from others. It's worth reading.
info and more photos here: http://www.myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t...mp;start=0

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