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I got this from Sean Flynt and it truly is a marvel to both behold and wear but I have something I really want to get and some things have to go.
Here is Seans post which describes it better than I can.
Here's my heavily modified GDFB visored sallet for sale or trade. If you're at all familiar with the GDFB sallet, you know that they tend to be too large and too heavy. In form, it's Italian export of ca. 1450. In size, it seems more like the large German sallets of a few decades later. With that in mind, here's what I did to this piece:
Removed the original liner and straps
Removed the visor pivots
Reshaped visor to reflect a German/Austrian influence of ca. 1480
Drilled the bowl for lining rivets and straps
Made and installed a lining band
Hand-stitched a linen liner
Created new straps and mounted the original buckle with a proper buckle plate
Created and installed a spring lock mechanism
Created and installed new floral visor pivots in the German style (tension adjusted via internal nut)
Gave the entire piece a satin finish

You can see the final results here. The visor tension is adjusted to keep the visor up, which requires you press the visor back to engage the spring pin when you want to lock down the visor.

This makes a fantastic display but it's also wearable. Still big, but not quite as heavy as it was. It's now at the top of the historical range, as far as I can tell.
This is a quality helm for a great price.

This is $265 shipped CONUS. PayPal only.

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