Need Pavise Pics, Especially Back, And Construction Info
I'd like to do a reproduction of a pavise but I haven't found very much information on their construction and strapping so I'd appreciate anything anybody has to share.

On the few examples I have seen the front and back of I've noticed that the ridge on the front of the pavise is wider than the channel on the back which makes me think the channel might be formed by sandwiching multiple layers of narrow boards on top of the "wing" planks and then capping it off with a wider piece. Can anybody confirm or refute this?

I'm especially interested in what people seem to be calling the "hand pavise," that is those examples which are small enough to be wielded in a sword and shield fashion.
Hi Mike,

It's not much to go on, but here are a few leads:

Waterer's Leather and the Warrior has an example of one made of leather-covered oak.

I know there are also some in a couple of the limited-edition Italian arms and armour classics (Armi e Armature ..., etc), but I'm in the middle of a project, so won't be able to pull them out for you now.

The classic pavise with the image of St George and the Dragon in the Deutsches Historisches Museum is shown in Albrecht Dürer: Waffen und Rustungen, among other sources.

Tod makes some beautiful ones, and his website shows the back of a field pavise:

Beyond that, might be worth having a look at the sites of the 1470s re-enactment groups -,,,,, and should get you started ... can't promise there'll be much in there, but if images of recreations are to be found, that's where I'd start.

Could also check out TAA.

Good luck - let us know what you find!
Thanks Mark, that actually helps with a couple projects I'm working on! :cool:
There is also a good collection in the 15th century pavise thread. Not too many harness pictures though.
Mike - no problem. Would like to hear more about your current projects in this neck of the woods sometime, seeing as I usually 'bump into you' at HEMAA!

Those leads and links above were all just from memory; a quick search also found this page on constructing a hand pavise - I haven't read it yet, so can't vouch for content:

Tjarand: Thanks for that link ... how have I not seen that thread yet, spotlight and all? MyA continues to amaze me.

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