Ritter Steel Authentics spiked flail....mini-revew
I recently received one of these , courtesy of Kult of Athena , in a secure and timely matter, as always. This is not the norm for me. This is my first non-bladed purchase ever. I won't bother to post a pic....Just go to KOA...it's right there. When unwrapping this beast of a thing, the first thing one notices is the weight. This s.o.b. is HEAVY. The spiked ball is solid steel as big as a tennis ball with 2-1/2" steel spikes welded to it. The chain is all welded links going into a hand-wrought steel langet attached to a hand carved black wooden handle. This thing is built like a brick outhouse. It took me a half-roll of paper towels to get all the oil off of it. If you get one....wear gloves. Yuk. Now for the performance. I can only say this.......I had rather take on the Taliban with a BB gun than to face off with a big, mad bastard that really knows how to use one of these things. This is---hands down---the---most---dangerous weapon I have ever seen. Not only dangerous to the other guy, but to one's self as well. Hit yourself in the body......Hospital. Hit yourself in the head....Funeral home. This thing scares the Beejeebers outta me! I gave it two good, wide swings and buried it into a piece of seasoned firewood that required a crow-bar to loosen it. The spikes are mild steel and will bend, but can be hammered back true. Next test was a watermelon. No survivors. One swing ripped the melon to shreds and sent juice flying 100 feet in every direction. Now, a quick wipe-down and on the wall it goes. Hope you all enjoyed my little comments on this. If you ever just feel like scaring the hell outta yourself..........just buy one o' these mo-fo's. ......... :eek: :lol: ..........McM
Thanks for the review. Not surprised to hear about the weight & general massive nature of this thing. I picked up the Ritter war hammer several years ago. It's also over-heavy.

What are the stats on the haft? On the hammer, it seems to be a softer wood that is uncomfortably thick at 5.5" circumference vs. the more reasonable 4.5" on my A&A polehammer. Together with the weight, this makes it fairly unreasonable for single-hand use. Well, at least when you're 5'6" and have a "medium" hand...
Well, Vic.......I'm 5'-6" also, and of medium build. This thing is intended to be heavy. It does its job VERY well. As I may have stated before, this is the single scariest thing I have ever seen. Holy smokes, this thing is dangerous! I will add this to my mini-review-------------This flail is VERY WELL made, and a joy (if not a spooky one) to wield. This piece truly takes one back to a dark age when swords broke and shields splintered. I honestly hope it hangs on my wall until I die. I never want to swing it again. Too scary,.,....gives me the creeps. You may even see it up for sale in the marketplace soon...........just creeps me the f.... out. :eek: ................McM

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