Rust Prevention Testing
This seems like it needs to be shared on multiple forums. Done in Florida with salt water: Photos included. Interestingly enough, the best performer seems to be Fluid Film, which is a lanolin based product. Perhaps all you guys with mail should be wearing wool.;t=170738
GREAT data. I'm looking it over - but will add: rust prevention tests WRT steel are NOT limited to swords. A great deal of data is available in the firearms industry. While firearms are off topic? Steel is not.
So this would apply perfectly to swords correct?
Here's a pretty comprehensive test of mostly gun products for rust protection. It's quite applicable to swords and armor as well.
Great stuff!

I've long been touting the benefits of lanolin-based products here: effective, long-lasting, and won't cause harm to leather and wood parts of scabbards and grips.

Three other brands to look out for are Lanox, Lanoguard, and Lanotec.

If you have lots of metal to maintain, these are available in 5 litre large bottles, which is far more cost-effective than the small trigger packs.
I have been using Fluid Film on my maille for more than 1 year, fighting in the rain, etc., all I have had to do was spray it again with Fluid Film.

No rust. Ever.

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