Quality Chinese Long Weapons
Hey! Does anyone know of any Chinese "long weapons" (e.g. pudao, guan dao, monk's spade) that are produced by quality manufacturers such as Hanwei? Thanks, I'm trying to avoid making the long flight to Longquan to pick up weapons straight from the forge.
Quality Chinese Long Weapons
Luke, you should go here:
Some of the Longquan ones can be had through ebay:
Pudao like this seem OK; I have a similar one and it is fine. Halberd heads and many of the spearheads are OK, too. Of course, you'll need to fix a haft, but fitting a haft to a socketed head is easy.

Enlightenment swords has a zhanmadao, if you consider that a long weapon:
They will probably be able to do other long weapons as well.

Lots of types of dao blades can be remounted as pudao, if you're prepared for a little DIY.

I don't know if I'd call many of the guandao "good". Some of them seem well-made, but they tend to be overweight guandao in the style of training/examination guandao, not the lighter ones made for fighting. The best guandao I've seen is the Hanwei one.

This seller:
has pretty stuff, but I don't know about functionality.

and other martial arts sellers can have some good quality stuff.
Ah, thank you both for your help.
I'm interested in finding Hanwei's pudao and guandao, but they seem impossible to find nowadays.
But the links you gave me were interesting!

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