Dürer mounted knight project
I was just typing up the description to sell this mounted knight figure in the Marketplace here. It's an estate sale piece somebody gave me, and doesn't fit my period of interest. I noted that if you can dismount it you'd have a nice horse statue or the basis for an historical rebuild. That sparked an idea. If that horse is complete under there and can be stripped to the skin, I could build a representation of one of Dürer's famous mounted German figures. This would be a great application for Sculpey.

I doubt anybody here has tried this, but who knows? Maybe somebody has toured the Marto factory and seen how these are made. Maybe you've seen things like this at garage sales and passed them by because they don't hew close enough to the historical line. So, here's an idea for what could be a spectacular project if you have sculpting/modeling ability. You could use a large action figure and make just the harness out of Sculpey. You could even go the Royal Armouries route and make an entire tiny harness of steel plate. I love those figures in the RA, which is part of my inspiration here.

I'll see if I can get that horse nekkid. Then I'll find a toy riding mower for the knight.

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Dürer mounted knight project
I think it would be good to build a figure based accurately on Dürer's paintings shown above.
better already!

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and on close inspection, the dismounted barding is actually pretty nice. It's very clearly in the 16th c. Spanish parade style.

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I realize I'm resurrecting a bit of an old thread here...but out of sheer curiosity, I'm wondering if you've gone any further with your recreation.
I haven't, but I'd still love to do it! When I run out of everything but cat food tins and Sculpey (sooner than I'd wish, I'm sure) I'll get back to this one.

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