English Civil War scabbard information sought
Hi All,

I am looking for information on sword scabbards and hanging systems for mid 17thC swords.

Basically I am looking for pictures and structure details and any help would be very gratefully received.


i'll have some shots for you on tuesday. some are from S. Mowbray's book on British military swords. fantastic details on view there. mostly swords, but some suspension devices as well.
By the way, Mowbray's book covers the period of the civil wars almost exclusively. Neumann's book on the American Revolution also covers back to that period. Here are shots from both that might be of some use.

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last one, showing the obverse of the last hook above.

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The text with Mowbray's photos is helpful too, of course. Among other things, note his declaration that the Dresden Rüstkammer holds the best collection of identified sword suspension hardware.
Fabulous stuff Sean.

I owe you one.

There are a few suspensions pictured in Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars by David Blackmore. I will send you some scans. [Scans sent to your Tods Stuff email address.] Additionally, some of these paintings might be useful:


It's my pleasure! Plus, I'll get to see a recreated suspension without doing it myself. :D
I don't know who could afford the commission--much less the harness appropriate for it--but I've always wanted to see somebody recreate the Popham hanger and suspension. Might work with plainer materials and hanger, though. I have a simple hanger project in mind for some day...

both images Royal Armouries-Leeds

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Royal Armouries ID for the hanger:

"This sword is from Sri Lanka and is called a ‘Kastane’. Examples of these can be seen in the Oriental Gallery floor 5 of the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.

It was a very fashionable sword and showed how rich and powerful Alexander [Popham] was. New trading links with South Asia and the Far East meant that objects from these areas were highly sought after."
Thanks once again to Sean and Jonathan.

I like your strategy Sean!

It looks like the client is going for the Colonial Pikeman look and rather satisfyingly this is to go on an original sword.

I must say that this first thing I went to was the Popham sword and also thought that that is a sword and hanger that needs making - I have never seen the like of it.

I have a feeling that it may be a while before I get that commission….

I will of course post up when I have something to show. I don't think I have made anything ECW before.

And here is my interpretation of the Colonial Pikeman scabbard.


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wonderful work!
This scabbard comes from the continent in the 1650's, made to sheath a Walloon sword. It has an interesting chape. Below is a bad photo of the original, and a photo of the chape that Arms and Armor made for this scabbard.

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A&A chape
Nicely done as always Leo!
I really admire (and envy:)) your leather work. Both your highly decorated pieces, and simpler designs such as this one, are brilliant.
Radovan Geist wrote:
I really admire (and envy:)) your leather work. Both your highly decorated pieces, and simpler designs such as this one, are brilliant.

Yep, it's the small details like putting that line on the edges of the belt or having those holes punched in the sword hanger so that it's not just a slit separating the straps.

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