Looking for Norman Armourer
Can anyone recommend a reputable Norman armourer that produces period accurate Norman gear? (late 11th early 12th century)

The problem is that very few people know how to make mail armour for the 11th and 12th century, and even fewer people have researched it. There quite a few people who make mail, to varying degrees of accuracy, but mail is, ironically, one of the most poorly understood forms of protection from the Middle Ages when it comes to accurate modern reproductions. One of the only people who makes mail and has handled/researched it extensively is Erik D. Schmid: http://www.erikdschmid.erikds.com; however, I am not sure that he is taking orders at this time.

Before purchasing mail, I highly recommend you spend as much time closely scrutinizing antique mail as possible. Just spend time sitting and looking at it. The more you are familiar with real mail, the easier it will be for you to be an informed and discriminating customer. While there is very little mail that survives from your time period, even looking at 13th and 14th C mail, alongside what survives from the 11th and 12th C, will greatly benefit you.
If you are on a budget, I suggest Get Dressed For Battle. They make nice maille shirts and coifs, in butted, round rivet, and wedge riveted flat ring. Very sturdy. Some nice Norman helms also. Cheers...........McM

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