patterson E concept drawing.
i finally made some time after working a little in my shop to put together the first concept drawing for a small axe/tomahawk head I may have the opportunity to create this year up at touchstone center for the arts as I begin taking classes with them.

originally I was just looking on line and finding tomahawk heads - I started to look at Norse axe heads and was intrigued by them a little bit more and settled to design something that looks pretty close to a type E.

as I drew this up - I only used the shape as a guide. the originally measurement that I had seen is quite a bit bigger. the ideas as to how to build a small axe of this size vs. a traditional hawk doesn't seem to be very different. both cultures utilized wrapped construction methods. as far as I've seen there's easily a dozen ways to wrapped and weld the head together, so I'd attempted which ever one my limited experience works best for.

as this drawing was made, the blade of the head turned out as only about 3 1/4 inches tall, and about 5 inches in overall length. of course things may change depending on the haft and the size of the eye. I also intend to do some inlay of the word Beaduwind in runes (which with the help of some forum members here) translated from old English to war wind.

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That looks great! Myself, I'd have it as a big two-hander. :D Excellent design!!!........McM
I put a good bit of thought into it - it may not be an exact recreation - more of an amalgamation of a lot of things I like and feel possible to build. I'd give it a shot in my shop, but I lack the critical component to do the forge welds or punch and drifting required (an actual forge).

getting hands on training this year I hope will push my DIY projects a little further and get more people interested maybe even sell one - one day.

this is only the first actual size concept drawing I've made up and I actually made it up really fast not taking too much care in the details. all I really wanted to get down was the size of blade and beard I think will work well. knowing myself, some things will change from concept to construction as my reach usually exceeds my grasp in this little hobby.

for anyone whose interested in warped constriction techniques try this link

I found it very informative on different practices.

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