Budget Baselard Build
My humble interpretation of the basilard dagger/shortsword. In light of the several masterful threads/projects involved in replicating items of this amazing;y under represented historical period.

Blade is a MLR " arkansas toothpick" blade blank buffed to a satin finish with a hand carved grip and metallic bits made from some 16ga mild steel I had lying around. Project was intended to be a sidearm for a similarly hilted baselard sword I've not bothered to make yet :)

Whole project ended up costing around ~$30 to make and handily passes the 15 foot test.

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Budget Baselard Build
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That baselard looks stunning!
Anyway Tom, good luck with your next project. ;)
Very cool Tom. :cool:

Iíve often thought about making something from a MLR "Arkansas toothpick" blade blank and youíve just proved that a DIYer can have good results!
Congrats to you, Tom! That looks great! It would be cool if you had some WIP pics to share.............McM
Mark Moore wrote:
Congrats to you, Tom! That looks great! It would be cool if you had some WIP pics to share.............McM

I wish I had taken some more, but the process was quite a bit of enraging trial and error before I managed to finalize my approach.

The grip was made of 3 pieces of 1/4" thick basswood cut to a profile, then held together via tape as I sanded the grip to shape. The tang slot was made by tracing the tang on the center slat, then removing it with a jig saw. Once it was well flushed out, I used standard wood glue to assemble it. Then came a final sanding and the process of staining. Overall I'd say each grip took at most 3 hours to shape, then about 2 days for the staining and sealer.

The baselard sheath is two 3/16" slats of wood with the blade shape traced and carved out via a dremel router. at some point I may use it as a core for a leather wrapped scabbard, but for the time being it's just stained mahogany.

I did a similar process on a wood hilted shaska build I did soon after that went much smoother. For a sword made from a cut down deepeeka civil war cavalry sword blade with no pommel, it's surprisingly nimble.

Semi related is the CS norsehawk I finally decided to spruce up with the remaining supplies from the baselard build.

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Not to bump my own thread too much, but I felt I might as well describe the baselards handling characteristics, since I built this to be something carryable and not just a display piece.

Despite being short sword like in proportions, the blade is near weightless in the hand and wicked fast. A perfect brawling weapon, and easily carried on the hip or harness. I'd say the sword in scabbard barely tips a pound.

Like most windlass blades, getting and keeping it scalpel sharp is easier said than done. Right now it is sharp to the touch, but not a great paper cutter. Ironically enough considering how light the blade is, it excels at heavier targets; Being such a short and stiff blade, it acts a bit like a dagger profiled machete. No doubt it would be devastating on flesh, but I haven't been by the local meat department to film a coldsteel torture test of it yet. The quickly tapering point on such a wide blade makes it a wicked unarmored thrusting weapon. Against layered cardboard it treats it like butter.

After building and testing a baselard, I've developed an even finer appreciation for why the swiss developed such an exceptional CQC weapon. If I was a 16th century pikeman, a compact cut and thrust blade like this would definitely be my go to backup weapon in battle, and my first line of defense it town.
Your CS Norse hawk looks great too, Tom. I hate that black paint they come with new, Its a royal pain to get off. I wish they would quit using it. The steel underneath looks SO good. :D ...............McM

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