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So I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this but has any one had any experience with illusion armory. at I want to get my first set of plate maile however I have heard some bad things as far as how long it takes for them to deliver on there product. I am a blacksmith so I am pretty sure I can fix any mistakes they make.
You might get a few hits here but there will be a lot more experience to read on the Armour Archive. I will not recommend Illusion Armoury but other people have had acceptable experiences with them at times.

Also spend more time researching what you want your armour to look like. You can get a mountain of information at .

Through research will save you a lot of $$ in the end.

Good Hunting!
Now you've got me wondering also. After checking out their website, it seems they have some pretty decent prices.....some are VERY decent. I'd like to know too.......Anyone have any experiences with them?...............McM
I attempted to buy from illusion before. The payment setting and wait time turned me down. I contacted them and was told that the wait line is about a year or so, but according to their site they have rush order and the price increases by % of how fast you want it. For example two weeks rush order will add 100% extra to your original price.

So far I have not purchased anything from illusion, but they look good, and has more stuff to choose from. I bought my pieces from merctailor recently, it's very fast(about a week or two) and considering on how I suck at measuring myself the stuff Allen made fit me pretty well.
The wait time at Illusion is long, but that's not all that uncommon with the more well known small shops Stateside. I have 2 Peascod Breast and Backs from them, one with and one with out tassets, and I am very pleased with the quality. If you can stand the wait, the price/quality ratio of Illusion is hard to beat.
I provided a review some time ago:

The forum search function on both myArmoury and Armour Archive will yield many results.
wow you guys have been helpful I think for my first set of full plate mail they would be great thank you so much.
Illusion Armory
First I thought Illusion Armory also makes swords but it didn't turn out to be. The only weapons the company makes are shields. :blush:

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