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hi everyone, I'm overjoyed that I'm finally going to be learning some hot work basics this summer as I've found an institution in my area that teaches blacksmithing. I've got singed up for 2 classes this year, as that's all the vacation time I can take off of work. the first class is a basics class, the second is a tomahawk/ axe making class. there was no knife making class this year and this was the best that I think could offer H.T. instructions.

in preparation for the class I've dropped my bauernwehr project for the year, and went into learning a little more about axe head construction I've settled on a Patterson type E style (although it may be a good bit smaller).

I was hopping around over on another blade smith forum and one of the makers there posted up a few pics of their work, with these really neat little decorated accents at the base of the blade, and in the langets of the eye socket of the axe. I've seen this before but wondered, is this decoration particular to any culture. I want to say that where I did see this style of decoration before it was on a Rus axe head.

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seen this little axe head at the Sydney Maritime Museum when they had the viking exhibit last year/star to this year

its a great little thing and I want to have one made one day

here is some info on it

and its from Gotland
thanks for the link. the little bit of measurements will help give me an idea of its original size and what I'm going to attempt to make in comparison with that.

I've had a design drawn up for a little while, but after I seen these little decorations I defiantly want to include it on my design as well. if all goes as planned, I'll be starting on this work at the end of July - but right now the class is pending due to enrollment.

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