Albion Machiavelli
Good Evening everyone. I am new to the forum but have been a lurker for a while. Has anyone owned or handled the Albion Machiavelli sword? I am interested in eventually obtaining one but would like some opinions.

I own two albions; a knight and a kingmaker and both are outstanding swords.

Any info would be appreciated.
Welcome to :) Here's one of the few threads I've found on that sword:
Chad linked to my topic about this sword already, but I'll add a summary: I really did love that model and wish I had not sold it to fund other things.
Chad & Nathan, thanks for the link. That helps.

The sword looked great Nathan. Too bad you had to sell it.
John, I have owned both the Knight and the Machiavelli. To compare the 2, one you have and one you want, the Machiavelli felt more like a finesse sword. The slim grip made it sit not as comfortable when stationary in hand, and in combination with a COP further out it felt a bit heavier although it wasn't. Once it moved it seemed to achieve a greater velocity than the Knight but recovery was slightly less quick. The differences were marginal at best and probably not relevant in the context of their true purpose and use. They both feel great, but the best way I can describe it is the Knight feels more solid, compact centred and efficient and the Mach just "feels" like a longer sword without becoming cumbersome. There is minimal blade sag under self weight when held horizontal on the flat and point control was very good, better than the Knight but not as good as the Sovereign if you have ever held one. I found the sword as a whole a real looker, all aspects of the hilt especially, which in turn married well wit the blade. Bit less forgiving in the cut if alignment was not properly achieved but this is my own failing and lack of ability not the swords. In short, a great sword, you couldn't go wrong buying it. My custom grip colour was Dark Plum and it looked bloody awesome.
Thanks Paul. That gives me some more info to go on. Especially the comparison with the Knight sword.

Sounds like a winner. Though most albions are in my limited experience.

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