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Hi All,

I suddenly have the 'craving' to build a replica arquebus after watching some period dramas :) Anyone came across any tuitorials online or knows of where to get spare parts?

No need to be fireable due to strict firearms law in my country.. but something lookalike (like Denix products), will do.

Drop me a PM, please.


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Replica Arquebus
It's very difficult to find spare parts for your replica arquebus these days, Larry.
I'm also not sure where to get them.
Yes, I don't know of anywhere to get parts specifically for arquebuses . They aren't exactly a popular replica. However, you might try Dixie gun works for general parts you could modifiy.
Since I do not know your actual location, it is difficult to recommend a supplier in your area - if there even is one. Your best bet for parts is probably The Rifle Shoppe in Jones, Oklahoma, US. They do offer some early matchlock parts but no wood stocks. That will be up to you or a local craftsman. But, be warned that the good folks at The Rifle Shoppe can be very slow in supplying the parts. They apparently cast the part as it is needed instead of keeping a stock on hand. I have heard stories of customers waiting months or even years for items. Also, the parts are rough cast and will need finishing and hardening where appropriate. If you have some experience in that sort of work then it should not be a problem for you but if not you will need to find someone who can do the work for you.

Dixie Gun Works, while it supplies a lot of antique and reproduction gun parts, is not likely to have much of what you need.

Good luck and let us see the finished product.
To add a bit to what Lin mentioned. I have heard that it helps to call the Rifle Shoppe before you order and see if the parts you want are actually in stock. That does seem to help minimize the wait times.

I have wanted to order some kits from the Rifle Shoppe since they have a bunch of things that I couldn't find elsewhere, like the fishtail snaphaunce*, but the rumors of the wait times has kept from ordering. The hit and miss nature of it, and apperently there inabbility to give an accurate lead time just turns me off.

*If anyone knows of a place that sells a snahaunce kit or complete rifle let me know. A wheellock would also be acceptable

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