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hello everyone I've recently started learning to forge medieval armor and weapons. I've been trying to create knifes/daggers so far and I'm having trouble drawing the tang out and keeping it center are there any tips that you can offer me in how to do this more effectively as well as any forging tips in general
A spring fuller tool would be ideal for getting your tang started by. It's pretty simple to make; mild steel round stock forged to shape and welded to a shank to fit into the hardy on your anvil. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to make your own. Once you've used it to set your marks, forging out an even tang is pretty easy. The first image shows the spring fuller(left) and the second shows how it works. Hope this helps. :)
Practice your hammer control and do it over the near edge of the anvil, lining up the edge of your hammer with the edge of the anvil. Made sure both are slightly rounded so you don't get a sharp, 90* corner that is likely to form cracks. If it's slightly off-center, put the high side up, get it to a high heat (yellow), and put in back on the anvil the way you started, and hammer the high side down. When you straighten everything out again it will be closer to where you want it. I've attached a quick diagram I made with Paint (forgive the crudeness).

This takes a bit of practice but you'll gain more in hammer control by practicing this technique.

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Something to take into account is when you forge the bevel of the blade, the blade will get wider on the beveled side . If your tang was centered before you forged in the bevel, it will be off-center afterwards, at least on a single edged blade with no ricasso. The solution to this little dilemma is to forge the tang off-center, so that as the bevel is formed it will become centered.
Regarding the spring fuller, do any of you have an idea for making one that does not involve a weld? My forge welding skills are not there yet. So far I have been making do with a bottom fuller hardy and my cross pein but two identical radii would be nice. I have thought about bolting together a guillotine, but the spring fuller appeals to me more. Any thoughts?
Regarding the spring fuller, do any of you have an idea for making one that does not involve a weld?


This is one of the simpler ways to go about it.
Excellent. That is just what I was looking for. Thank you.

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