This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Next up is my Bugei Peace katana! Rare katana to see up on the forums. It's had its tsuka reshaped, shortened to about 11.5, and re-wrapped by Aaron Justice; really follows the sori beautifully now and is much thinner and easier to handle/maneuver. No cutting has been done, barely even handling after the tsuka-maki. Saya has some slight, almost unnoticeable marks in the lacquer, Bugei has not fully been able to explain to me what it is and its VERY hard to photograph. You can feel it more than you can see it, like a wave in the lacquer.

Asking $1,400 shipped! $1,350 if purchased before 3/08/14

CONUS or continental US only. International buyers are welcome but be prepared to pay the additional costs to ship to your destination. Also, when sending money through Paypal you are to either eat the fee's on your end or send in a way that there is no fee's for either of us

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