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This may be an old question....I've slept since....But...Will a H/T bastard sword(wheel) pommel fit on a H/T long sword? I like the long sword blade, but I don't particularly care for the pear-shaped pommel, Will they swap out?.............McM
Come on..........Anyone? Hello out there. I'm pretty sure they will interchange, but was also wondering if anyone has done this. Reason being for asking this is that a friend has asked me to build him a LOTR-inspired longsword, based off a H/T bare blade. He wants a round pommel. :D ........McM
It's been less than 24 hours since your initial post. Patience, grasshopper.... :)
I can tell you for sure that my H/T Longsword will not swap hardware with my H/ T GSOW, the great sword's tang is actually slimmer than the longsword by a smidge (or a smidge and a quarter). Sean Flynt has previously noted that the bastard sword has a more robust blade than the long sword, supported by kult of Athena's posted thickness stats.

So I'm betting it would not be a straight across swap, but I would be surprised if it couldn't be achieved with either minimal filing or minimal shimming. Thin brass from a hobby shop is good for this, if you fit it carefully it might be unnoticeable.

It has been noted that on pretty much all the H/T swords with a hex-nut assembly, the parts will change out fairly well with each other barring blade and tang width issues. I believe I've seen a picture of, for example, the Early Medieval guard on either a bastard or longsword blade. I am not sure but I also think the Early Medieval and the bastard may share the same pommel (I could be very wrong on this though).

The only thing you need to check is if the weights and tang size match. You don't want to be thrown off by either a too heavy or too light pommel.

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