First attempt at a wire wrapped grip
I traded for this really cool older model MRL/Del Tin piece a few weeks ago.

I built a new wood core. I shored up the pommel and cross with metal shims and then epoxied/glued the 2 wooded slabs that make the grip (similar to the Albion way) to the tang. The sword rings like a bell now. Everything tight and right. The blade had an uneven tip that I reprofiled an I did my best to remove the diamond cross section that was on the final portion of the blade when I got it. I really like the sword. The blade has some stains and some very small pits and the hilt furniture (besides the new grip) is worn looking and has some stains and a few marks, so the sword has a lot of character, which I actually like in contrast to some of my higher end pieces that I don't modify and keep in pristine condition. This sword looks like its been through some hard times but its still very sound.

The wire I bought at a Michael's craft store. It was 24 gauge (pretty thin) and it is sold for making jewelry (beads etc). I bought a copper and a steel and twisted the 2 together by stretching the wire the full length of my basement, attaching the far ends to the wall and then basically running my hand drill with a little do-dad thing I also picked up that sort of spins the wire, and twists it together. At first I thought the wire experiment was shaping up to be a disaster but it somehow worked out, right down to having enough wire by 1 or 2 wraps left, got lucky there.

That looks very clean and even. I really like the look of the copper and steel together. Nice!
thatīs really nice! those two metals give nice contrast.
Looks amazing. How did you attach the wire at each end?
Jonathan Blair wrote:
Looks amazing. How did you attach the wire at each end?

Basically a small hole drilled into the wood at the pommel end and then at the cross end, wire gets inserted in that and epoxy to lock it in place.

Thanks all for the nice comments.
You did a beautiful job Bryan the sword looks great....
What a difference. Excellent work, Bryan. You moved that sword up a notch or two. I've always loved the type D pommels.

Also, nice background for the photos.

Thanks, Jon

That's neato- Good job!
Well done, & thank you very much for sharing. How long is the grip & how long was the wire that barely made it?
Carl W. wrote:
Well done, & thank you very much for sharing. How long is the grip & how long was the wire that barely made it?

Thank you.

Well, I just measured the distance I had the wire stretched out across my basement. It was about 45 feet.

The grip was 4 3/4" long. So it basically took 45 feet of wire to wrap 4 3/4" of grip. Obviously the thickness of both your grip and wire would also factor in to the ending number of amount of wire needed. I would suggest going more than you think you need for sure. Or test it out to a degree with cord that is of the same approximate width as the wire you will use to get a good idea how much you would ultimately need.

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