This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Here's something up for sale, that is rarely available in Europe for decent prices. :) Have to let this go for possible future purchases.

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This was originally a factory second due to crack in saya. You can read my review and see the pics in that thread: This sword has never been cut with, just tested this on paper couple times. So it's in almost like new condition and sharp.

Nagasa: 83,4cm 2 shaku 7 sun 4 bu
Motohaba: 3,5cm
Sakihaba: 3,8cm
Motokasane: 6,4mm
Moto-shinogi-gasane: 8mm
Sakikasane: 3mm
Saki-shinogi-gasane: 7mm
Sori: 2,0cm
Overall length: 143,5cm
Overall length in saya: 149,5cm
Tsuka: 57,7cm
Sugata: Unokubi-zukuri
Mune: Iori
Hamon: -
Hada: -
Hi: Naginata-hi with long soe-bi
Steel: 1055

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Due to postage limitations I will be shipping the sword with tsuka removed to be able to fit it in a box that is under 150 cm, so I can ship to most European countries. I will include 3 mekugi with the sword, as I broke one of the 2 original mekugi in the tsuka removal process.

Price: 400, that includes shipping in Europe and PayPal fees. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

If you have any questions or need more pictures just ask and