Available from Relic Forge
I would like to introduce myself and offer up a few pieces for sale.

My name is George Ezell, and I made my first knife in 1992. In the past 5-7 years I've become very interested in, one might even say obsessed with the seax, and ancient knives in general. I operate Relic Forge, and I'm pleased to be able to offer my work here.

I take commissions, and have a small inventory of finished work available. These are available for immediate delivery:


From top to bottom: Medium patternwelded seax with a brushed bog oak handle, blade is 8", overall 14 1/8". Blade is 1084/15n20 twists with a wrought iron spine and a 1095 edge. Sheath fittings are bronze with copper rivets and brass rings. $345 and it is your's. Here is a image that shows the blade pattern better:


Next up is a small seax/knife with a masur birch handle, blade is 3 1/16", 7 1/4" overall. The blade is 1095 with a wrought iron spine. Sheath fittings are copper with brass rings. I'd like $150 for this one.

Another small seax with a 4 1/8" W2 blade, a horn handle, and a brass cap, overall
8 3/4". Sheath fittings are brass. $170 and it is your's.

Last up, one of my favorites, a small seax with a 1080 blade and English walnut handle, blade is just shy of 4" long, 8 1/8" overall. Sheath fittings are brass with copper rivets. I'd like $145 for this one.
They all come with sheaths.


More of my work can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/relicforge and here: http://s665.photobucket.com/user/GHEzell/library/
The two with black handles are now sold...:)
The larger seax was a real bargain for sure. George's leather work is outstanding. I know, I have two examples.

Thanks Robert, that was a fun and challenging commission!

Here are some more pictures of the two still available:

This one is badly out of focus, but shows the 'racing stripe hamon'...
The English walnut-handled piece is now sold...:) The little birch-handled piece is still available.

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