Appropriate waist size of a waisted grip
I have a custom project in the works, and I was wondering on how thin the waist of waisted grip should be? Right now I'm thinking 1.8cm right where the grip meets the pommel, but I'm wondering if this is too slim? I have small to medium sized hands so it might not be an issue.

Attached is a scale picture of the design hilt.

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Detailed Scan.png

Best idea is to mock something up and try it. I have smallish hands and prefer a slim grip but its also the profile that helps me choose a sword. so your palm size, finger length and the way you grip it, as well as other factors, is unique to you. Then there are the aesthetics so its a complicated formula, difficult to get from one drawing I think.
Another thing to consider: What does you TANG look like under that grip?

When you "slim down" the grip core, it will not do to be left with so little wood over the tang that you end up with a grip likely to break.

If you have a blade that you will be gripping - trace out your tang profile & do your drawings AROUND this, for a reality reference :).

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Hard to beat a mock up. If nothing else it gives you practice on making the item in question in and a preview of areas that might be tricky. And avoiding "wow this looks great on paper but sucks in real life" is always nice...
Thanks guys, yeah I really want to avoid a "looks great, rather not use it though" scenario. It's a bit difficult for me to make a mock up since I haven't got any material or tools (I'm basically going round the house trying to find things with the appropriate diameter to grip). Ernie at Yeshua's Sword has told me he can work 1.8cm although I might change it to 2cm just to be on the safe side. I'll need to change the proportions of the pommel a little so that everything's in proportion.
...and a warning: As you determine the dimensions of your grip CORE, don't forget that a wrap of twine, plus 2 oz leather, will grow the overall dimension by about 1/8" to 3/16". Cores that get wrapped (ie, not pure wood) must be a bit UNDER sized.

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