Klappviser decoration and design questions.
I have a few things I am working on for a klappviser (1385-1390ish) project I am curios about. I use the word incorrectly best I can tell since I believe the klappviser is the center hinge attachment not the viser style itself. But I did not mean the hounskull pointed kind but the more flat kind like pictured below. I have not found what the correct name is for this type of viser. Also I know these would have been the exception at the time but the Germans always seemed to use things for longer. For example the central mount of visers itself. And the art from the time does show a few.

1. Did original klappvisers use straps to secure them from coming open like people put on them today? I do not see an indication of the attachment points for thse straps on examples from musuems. Is this something done just for modern combat?

2. What forms of decoration where there for these visers. I have seen some with brass trim and some with etching but not sure if the etching is based on historical examples.

Also feel free to share any nice examples you can think of. Always looking for more to have for reference.

[ Linked Image ]
Those few left in existence show no signs of decorative trim. Not to say it wasn't done, we simply have no examples of it. Neither are there any visor straps on any field bascinet. I suspect the design tricks visor hinges are yet to be fully rediscovered.
Yes seems there is not a lot to go on.

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