Right here is number 2, a sail hilted main gauche. Don't worry I know it is not an original piece.
The original sales literature states:
“Main Gauche in 17th C style, 19th C hand made steel copy featuring smooth sail guard with rivets along the edge. Fluted quillon block and long straight twisted quillons with faceted finials. Wood grip with ferrules top and bottom. Small cylindrical pommel with rectangular panels and criss-cross design.Hexagonal section 13 Ύ'' blade with wide ricasso. Metal with some light pitting heavier on the blade. Overall length 19 3/8''. Obtained in New York State.”
My stats.
Weight: 1lb 11oz (7.7kg)
Lengthoverall: 19.5'' (49cm) Blade:13.5''(35cm)
POB: 0.5''(1.25cm)
Profile taper: ricasso 1.74'' (44.1mm) , blade after ricasso 1.04'' (26.5mm), 1.02'' (25.9mm) at mid blade, 0.80''(20.3mm) 2 inches from tip.
Distal taper 0.2'' (5.7mm) at ricasso, 0.19'' (4.8mm) at mid blade,. 0.16''(4.1mm) 2 inches from tip.

There looks to be very feint indication of a stamp on ricasso, looks like Gothic lettering. Unable to identify.
Questions for this one are:
Has anybody got any idea of the maker or seen a similar one?
Any confirmation of a Victorian date or could it be a lot later?

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