Epic Armoury metal and leather armor.....Any experiences?
Hey, guys and gals..........I'm thinking of putting together a set of armour in the future. It will be made up of various pieces of maille, leather, and plate that can be mixed/matched in various ways with various helms to suit many different time periods. I've been looking at Epic Armoury. I'm on a budget, and the armour will be strictly for show--no combat. I'm just looking for some neat combinations for faires and such. I'm not a LARPer, nor do I really care about historical accuracy. I just think Epic has some cool looking stuff, most of it available at KOA. Does anyone here have any experience with these products? Custom armour is out of my price range....I'm only 5'-6'' and about 165 lbs, so stuff from companies like GDFB are mostly too big for me. Any input? Thanks, y'all...........McM
Can;' see any armour on the Epic site, just some nice larp weapons. I suppose if you are not bothered and are prepared to mix and match styles, eras and cultures the sky is your limit and its up to you. But you are on a budget as you say, so the sky just got smaller.... Sounds like a fun dressing up project though!
Ohh....There's armour there. Plenty of it. You must be looking at the wrong site. They have a whole PDF catalog full of plate and leather. I'm looking at the 'King' full suit, along with some other plate from another maker. :D ....McM
As I said, most of it is available at Kult of Athena ....for less than their catalog price on some. :D .....McM
Epic armoury plate armor sets has really bad fits. The pauldrons are impossible to fit on your shoulder without adding arming points/removing leather straps. I blew couple hundred bucks on epic armory stuff.

Here is what I think of epic armoury armor. They worth buying as armor because they are not real armors. They are not worth buying for show because the fit is really bad. They are not worth buying for larp because they are not elaborated enough, even their leather armor, at that price range you can get some really nice looking waxed/antiqued from leder kraft.

The only good set they offer is the mercenary armor set. Even though the armor is really thin like 18-20 gauge the fit is highly adjustable due to it's leather back. It has tasset and spaulder sets too. The tasset requires lots of filing and hammering to get it fit to the mercenary breast plate. This set is around $260 USD. Seriously though, I punched the dent into the mercenary armor, so it must be very thin like 20ga.

Armors for show, I can only think of leather armor. They can be so elaborated.
http://www.larping.org/larp-shop/leather-body...ody-armor/ Lederkraft from UK
http://www.larping.org/larp-shop/leather-body...-lamellar/ Epic armory made in Pakistan

Which one would you choose?
Hmm.......I may have to take a road trip to the nearest dealer of this stuff and just try some on. Anyone know of a dealer in Texas?.............McM

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