Axe head information.
I was on Dogg Fogs blade smith forum and came across a data sheet of axe heads then I couldn't find the post again (I don't visit the site too often).

I'm still thinking on my summer project I've made a few knives, albeit my skills at it are novice, and this summer I'm thinking of making something simpler, a small axe. I've been wanting to do something Norse inspired when I can across this pic, looking like it details different styles.

I'm interested in number 24 and wonder if anyone can help me identify if it is a document 'type' that I can look up and find some pics of period ones to base a repo off of.

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the entire data sheep

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It looks like a Petersen type E to me. The search function should lead you to a good English translation of the Petersen axe typology.
You mean something like this?

This is from the National History Museum archives. Listed as Viking age find from Arjeplog -really, far north in Sweden.
The database is semi-public (open and available, but not well linked to from their homepage..)
I got some more axe-pictures saved. Shoot me a pm with your email, and I can share that picture-folder with you on google drive,
thanks, a quick search of type E brought up a few pics. the examples I seen in the quick search brought up a head with a slight upward swoop and a short beard that has that hard angel at the bottom. the back seems to have a small hammer like head but I can't really tell from the pictures because there's nothing showing the socket too well.

although this head may be over too large for the idea I have planned it's shape interests me. I don't think an axe head exceeds my skill at this point, however it does exceed my present tools. If all goes as planned, I'm hoping to attend a tomahawk making class this summer. I know the methods of making could be a little different, and I may end up making something more hawk like than actual Norse - depends on how much freedom the instructor will give on design.
There are viking era axes that are not too far from a tomahawk in size and form. Just aim at something like:

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]


[ Linked Image ]
I see, the third one you have pictured there, to my eye, that looks like a wrapped construction. I can't wait to start making up some drawings. :)

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