Howdy, folks.

No update sent out last month on December 23, because by two days before Christmas I was sick of being inundated with sales flyers and I expected that most of you were, too. This would have gone out last night, January 23, but our internet connection croaked in the face of Austin Snowpocalypse 2014, so here we are.

Here are two months' worth of daily updates that were posted on the website and facebook fan page, with lots of new items and fresh photographs:
Roman spatha (singular, featured 01/22)
Roman legion helmet (featured 01/21)
Confederate cavalry saber (new, added 01/20)
Confederate staff & field officer's sword (new, also added 01/19)
U.S. M1840 light cavalry saber (new, added 01/19)
Norman spangenhelm (new, added 01/18)
Wenceslaus/Norman nasal helmet (new, added 01/17)
Francisca axe (featured 01/16)
1850 coffin-grip Bowie knife (featured 01/15)
Italian bellows face sallet (fresh pictures 01/14)
Skofnung - legendary viking two-hand sword (new, added 01/13)
8th century Viking sword (featured 01/12)
LARP Longclaw - Sword of Jon Snow (new, added 01/11)
WWI experimental helmet (listed on closeout 01/10)
LARP Agincourt warhammer (new, added 01/09)
Witham viking seax (new, added 01/08)
Irish dagger (new, added 01/07)
GDFB training spear winged blade (featured 01/06)
Classic medieval disc-pommel dagger (new, added 01/05)
Accolade sword of the Knights Templar (new, added 01/04)
Tinker Pearce longsword - blunt (on sale 01/03)
German Gothic mitten gauntlets (listed on closeout 01/02)
German Gothic pauldrons (listed on closeout 01/02)
Hospitaller Sword of Malta (listed on closeout 01/01)
16th century stainless steel arm harness (featured 12/31)
small/youth combat Templar helmet (singular, added 12/30)
Chinese butterfly swords (fresh pictures 12/29)
Main gauche / dagger hanger (fresh pictures 12/28)
'Claymore LARP sword (fresh pictures 12/27)
cleaned Hauburgeon with alternating flat rings (singular, added 12/26)
Italian longsword (on sale 12/25)
GDFB training spear medium blade (fresh pictures 12/24)
HMB/BotN punch buckler (singular, added 12/23)
Hauberk with dome riveted alternating flat rings (fresh pictures 12/22)
Beaded bone grip obsidian dagger (fresh pictures 12/21)
Indo-Persian jambiya (fresh pictures 12/20)
Cobra Steel talon knife (fresh pictures 12/19)
Aventail / camail (featured 12/18)
Greek sarouter (lizard-sticker) (featured 12/17)
German battle axe circa 1420 (featured 12/16)
14ga shield boss - large (featured 12/15)
14ga shield boss (featured 12/14)
Rebated spear head (featured 12/13)
Pipe tomahawk (featured 12/12)
Svord peasant knife (featured 12/11)
Searles/Fowler Bowie knife (featured 12/10)
Rawlings langes messer - silver blade (fresh pictures 12/09)
Mr. Spikey the battle axe (featured 12/08)
11th century Polish war axe head (featured 12/07)
Viking spectacle helmet (featured 12/06)
GDFB arming jack (featured 12/05)
Gothic style cuirass (new, added 12/04)
One-handed viking axe (featured 12/03)
engraved Viking javelin spear head (featured 12/02)
Celtic leaf-blade sword (featured 12/01)
Vistar Armoury spaulders (singular, added 11/30)
Drow Lord LARP sword (new, added 11/29)
Drow LARP dagger (new, added 11/28)
'Samurai' LARP tanto (new, added 11/27)
Elven Lord LARP sword (new, added 11/26)
Huntsman's axe (fresh pictures 11/25)
Spangenhelm - flared nasal (featured 11/24)
LARP swords, weapons, and accessories (new catalog section published 11/23)

"If you become gentle and timid, you will never learn anything about fencing." -- Johannes Liechtenauer