A&A January Muster and High Light Items
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Muster Swords and Highlight Item

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As the snow flies and the wind blows, the temperature dips lower and lower cutting through all your layers. It is one of those times when your mind can play tricks on you. You are pretty sure that really was not a wolf in the trees, no wolf has ever been that big, right? :eek: Luckily your new sword rests firmly in your hand, surprisingly warm but a new sword always gives you a warm feeling inside. :) Thank goodness you checked out the Muster Page at A&A before heading into the woods!

Maybe a sword is not the piece for you? Try the Highlight item this month. A spiked mace may serve well when the fire begins to gutter down and those shadows move in the wrong way.
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We hope you keep warm this week we are being challenged with a bit of 35 to 40 below wind chill. Might be a good day to do some forging tomorrow. :wtf:
Muster Items
Cool stuff Craig !
Good looking swords. If I didn't already have something on order with you. I'd be tempted to buy one.
Excellent! The sword on the far right (largest) is my favorite.

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