Rapier scabbards
Hello, all! I have a very nice A&A rapier which requires a scabbard. I have a pretty good idea of what options are out there longsword-wise, but was wondering if anyone had a preferred maker for scabbards on the significantly more slender end of the spectrum.

Many thanks in advance. :)
I'd say crusader monk. I'm getting a del tin rapier soon and he would be the first to come to mind.

Rapier scabbards are a different animal and there aren't many out there doing them. Typically, most look bulky and over built. A rapier scabbard would look even worse. If anyone can do it to any level of historical accuracy Tod can.
I'd steer you towards Tod at Tod's Stuff, as Patrick mentioned or to Arms & Armor for a custom job.
Many thanks, gentlemen. :)
Tods stuff is certainly top of the list. Lutel makes the hardware, but I don't know if they actually sell belts independtly of weapons purchase.

I was looking for a humble solution and asked Sony Suttles if he'd make me a scabbard and matched it with a Ravenswood baldric. Didn't turn out too bad:

The smallish saxon hilt is a Windlass that came with a really shoddy grip. But the balance and handling was so nice I wanted to keep it, so it also went to Sony. ( Realize this doesn't look long enough compared to A&A offerings, but the last time I accused Windlass of taking liberties with a piece I found it's mate in French War Museum photos. )

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