question on a parrying dagger - sword breaker
Iīve started to work on a parrying dagger / sword breaker, inspired by a piece in the NY Metropolitan Museum. Here is the picture from Leonid Tarassukīs "Some Notes on Parrying Daggers and Poniards".

My question is: how was that complex hilt constructed? Pictures are not very clear, but judging from other pieces with shell-guards, I would say that shells/shields were formed separately and then riveted or forge-welded to the crossguard on its upper side (when you hold dagger with its point up). Any other ideas how could that be done?
Alternatively, do you have any other pictures of that piece?

thanks in advance.

(So far, I have cut and shaped the blade, and Iīve sent it for hardening and tempering. I will post pictures later as a DIY project.)

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Question on a Parrying Dagger - Swordbreaker
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Here is one example of a parrying dagger, Radovan. This one has arrow-shaped serrations on its blade. Which handle do you prefer for your new dagger? This one or the one with the clamshell guard?
The picture doesn't show enough detail to be sure, but there's a possibility that the shells are formed from one piece of metal and sandwiched between cross and blade or grip and cross. Screws or rivets could be used to keep it solid.
Shahril, Iīve already started working on it, so itīs the NY MET piece. I have seen various parrying daggers of varying forms, but that one intrigued me with its complex hilt and interesting blade profile. Letīs see how it works.

Tim, that picture is quite bad indeed. I was trying to search for another one, but with no avail. Anyhow, Iīve already started working on it and I will probably use two rivets to secure the shells. I was also thinking about the possibility of both shells formed from a single sheet of metal. Iīll try to do it that way and see how it works (having one piece should surely ease the riveting to crossguard).

I will post some progress picture in another thread.

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