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**Individual Hobbyist Maker**
**Item Hand Made by Seller**

For sale is a replica (historical extrapolation) of a Norse/Viking era (800-1100) wooden shield. The extrapolation comes from the Oseberg and Gokstad ship burials.

The shield is constructed of glued planks of underwater salvaged old growth white oak. The oak was recovered from Lake Superior after being submerged for a minimum of 150 years. The original tree displayed enough growth rings to have dated it to between the 16th and 17th century. The oak is very dark from partial mineralization. The center plank is 'wormy'.

The shield is bound together by three slats of the same white oak of a lighter color. A 14g dished steel shield boss protects the hand. The handle is integral to the center slat and is leather wrapped. The edge is finished in black leather. No carrying straps are attached to this shield, but correct fasteners and leather straps can be added upon request for no charge. More photos available upon request.

Specifications (within Hurstwic posted standards):

Diameter: 30 inches (77cm)
Thickneess: 1/2 inches (1.3mm)
Weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2kg)

The ancient wood for this shield unique and valuable itself. The shield is made with the same intent that the originals were: protection in combat until the shield fell apart. I make no guarantees pertaining to its actual use nor do I encourage, or deem liability from, the combat use of this item.

Cost for this item is $300 USD. Shipping is negotiable based on distance, but will be paid by the buyer. Payment via Cash, check (once cleared), PayPal, or other payment services negotiated.

Please contact via private message on the forum.

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Front of Shield [ Download ]

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Back of Shield [ Download ]

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Closer Detail. [ Download ]