Bodkin and by-knife for a Saxon dagger - DIY project
Decided to make it a separate post. These will actually a part of Landsknecht dagger of Saxon type project (posted at ), to fit into single scabbard as close to the original in construction as I can get.

So far I am done with the bodkin. It probably isn't made in the period way, but I allowed myself some room for a creative design. Original has no associated bodkin/by-knife preserved, anyway.
At least I managed to make the bodkin handle match the dagger's in construction and style pretty closely. Compare with the dagger's handle at the above link.

Overall length 7", handle just a bit over 3.25". Handle is round in cross-section, almost exactly 0.5" diameter.
Just as dagger's, it is covered in black ray skin and has nickel silver crown shaped collars (caps, actually).
Blade is square in cross-section, tapering to point from round 0.25" diameter at the handle.

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A close up picture of the handle.

By-knife to follow when I get around to it...
I will use a Mora carbon steel blade for it, very sharp little thing. It will have exactly the same length of blade and handle as the bodkin, and same handle materials for full match. Handle will be straight and oval in cross-section (0.5" x 0.75").

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Outstanding! Looks great!....McM
Here it is, knife and bodkin together, and with dagger's handle.
Knife handle came out a little thicker than I intended originally (about 5/8" by 7/8"), other than that the project is going as planned so far.

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