For Sale: Albion Baron & Christian Fletcher Scabbard + B
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I'm selling quite a bunch of swords to make money for my next nihonto purchase. So I have to let go of my European style jewel too, after all I'm a nihonto collector, and I don't need European sword of this level. I think this is an excellent sword, and I'm glad I have been able to experience Albion quality personally.

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I'm the second owner of this sword, original owner was HEMA practicioner, and he told me that he used this couple times for cutting (there are few light scratches to show that). I have only admired the sword, I usually only cut with the cheap production stuff I have, the good stuff is for collecting only. :)

Here are the measurements:

Overall length: 120,8 cm (47,56")
Blade length: 94,3 cm (37,13")
Blade width at base: 5,7 cm (2,24")
Blade thickness at base: 6 mm (0,24")
Blade with near tip: 3,0 cm (1,18")
Blade thickness near tip: 2 mm (0,08")
Grip length: 19,7 cm (7,76")
Weight: 1680 grams (3 lbs 11,3 oz)

Sword is sharp

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I will describe about the minor flaws in condition first. There is light surface rust on the pommel & crossguard, the owner told sword was used for practicing solo HEMA drills. And I believe that hands have rubbed these parts causing this. There is also concetration of rust at the very end of chape, along with light pitting on the rest of the chape. There are some light scratches on the blade. I've put up a picture of the tip, so you can see it yourself, I don't know enough about European swords to say if that is correct for this type, or typical finishing by Albion. However in my opinion it's slightly worse in finish than rest of the sword. There is also tiny gash on the scabbard, most likely being caused during HEMA drills, looks like sword would have very lightly scraped it.

As I took my pictures with flash on it really highlights the slight surface rust. But I want to be honest about the condition, even though I think in my pictures it looks worse than you can see by eye.

Then on to good points. I think the sword is in good overall condition, and it feels like a joy to handle. Of course I do not have any training in HEMA, but for me it feels good. Every part on this sword feels and looks very well made. And the sword has very nice woodcored scabbard and nicely decorated belt made by Christian Flecther.

It's quite hard to describe it more in detail, if you have questions just ask and I will answer as best as I can, take more pics etc. I wish the buyer could see it in person, I did see it in person when I got it and none of those flaws in condition mattered anything to me as I saw them as very minor flaws.

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Asking price is 1100, I can cover shipping inside Europe. If you are living outside Europe I'll ask a quote from post office, if it's reasonable amount I can cover it too, if it's very high maybe we can split it. Payment by wire transfer, if you want to pay with Paypal, it's ok if you pay the fees.
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Price drop to 1000 shipped inside Europe.

Unfortunately we have size regulations for shipments to some countries. But throw me a PM if you live outside Europe and you are intrested, and I'll check if I can ship to your country.

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