Anyone have experience with the Darkwood Transitional Rapier
So I've decided I l'd like to branch into renaissance weaponry, and this rapier really caught my eye.
As I understand it, Darkwood use DT blades. I'm particularly interested in the Bated blades they have, however I'm unsure which length would be best balanced (with the options being 39, 42 and 45), and being unable to handle the weapon, was wondering if anyone here has experience with either this transitional rapier + bated blade combination, or one of their other pappenheimers' + a bated blade, in terms of balance and handling.

Link to the sword in question below:
The blades they use now I believe are made in house and they are quality. I have a Pappenhiemer from them and their economy swept hilt with the heavier DAPR2 blade. The hilt furniture is solid and the blades are well made with sturdy tangs. Only the foible flexes and does so safely enough, though the blades are stiff. I'm happy with mine.
I agree with what Steven said. Their blades are bought as bar stock that has been heat treated and they grind them them-selves.

Personally the Bated/DAPR2 blade would be the best fit and I would get one at around 40"-41".

Be sure to let them know how you like your rapier weighted as just about everything they make is hand made. So if you want something weighted more in the hand and light in the tip they can use a lighter blade and heavy pommel verses if you want more blade presence they will have a heavy blade and lighter pommel.

For best response time give them a call Scott (both of them one is the owner one is the armorer but also makes swords) is a great guy and not only loves what he does but really wants you to be happy with what you buy.
If you are doing Italian rapier the blade length should be such that with the tip on the floor the cross is at your bellybutton. Darkwood Rapiers are great. I own three of Scotts swords and they are worth it.

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