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It's been cut with once and the blade is in good condition. I brought it second hand in the UK for 300 (490usd) which was a good deal at the time, but since I now live in Hong Kong where there isn't any import duty, the sword's resale value has dropped quite considerably :(

It's a very handy piece, wicked fast, and cuts quite well even for a beginner. I'm letting it go since I've got a preorder VA Valor coming up and need to make space.
I am asking for 350usd + shipping to wherever. I only take paypal.

- The belt has some extra holes punched since I'm rather skinny.
- I shimmed the suspension locket with some leather strips to stop it from sliding all the way up to the top of the scabbard mouth. The sword now hangs quite comfortably, with the hilt close to the waist.
- The hilt furniture has been polished up to 320 grit.
- The grooves on the pommel and the guard have some dark pigmentation which resembles a patina. It's not actually a patina unfortunately, I tried painting the grooves black with acrylic paint but didn't like it, and got rid of most of it using a paint remover. I left a bit of the remaining detritus in the grooves since I thought it looks pretty good. If you don't like it I can clean it up more thoroughly before sending it to you

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