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It's all relative of course.

A tank commander on D-day recalls in his memoirs that the rest of his crew called him 'Grandad'. He was 22....

Alternatively there is 'You're only as young as the woman you feel'.

But my wife is a year older so that's not always true!

I just did a tv shoot that involved me as historical/action coordinator, being in charge and managing about 15 people and running the whole thing. I had an intern half my age who only just about coped and after 7 days long hours and hard work I was still raring to go. He wanted a week off.

However I have just come into my office and wonder why....
Nathan Robinson wrote:
Happy birthday, Patrick!

I'm old, too. I'll be 45 in June. I don't look so old, though, so there's that. Dating younger women helps, too.

I asked my wife about that... She said "No!" rather firmly :lol:
What a sad bunch of whiners. I'm 65 and would take any of you on, sword in hand or not. :lol:

But seriously, despite the fact that my basketball crossover is not quite what it used to be, it's just not that bad. Stay in shape by exercising the brain and the body, not to mention a bit of single malt scotch.

E.B. Erickson wrote:
Jeez louise, what a bunch of young whippersnappers! I recently turned 62.

Happy Birthday, Patrick!


I agree I just turned 64 and one year away from " official " old geezer status getting the Canadian " Old Age Pension ". ;) :lol:

Well, as long as one is in " mobile shape ", and not taking lots of pills, age isn't so bad, but it does tend to be a road downhill, more or less fast !

One could say that life is like rappelling down an infinitely high cliff face on a rope of unknown length, looking up seeing how much rope has been used so far, in other words the past, and not knowing how much rope is left as one can't look down to see the future. :eek: :cry:

One thing we know for sure is that the rope is a lot shorter than the cliff, and past 50, there is less rope left below than rope above. ;) :lol: ( Well one could live to 100 or 120 but the odds are not good ! ).

If one gets bad health news, the rope can look awfully frayed and could snap at any time: But that's as good or bad it gets as far as knowing the future.

Well, I hope my little philosophical moment hasn't depressed everyone as much as it seems to be depressing me at the moment. ;) :?:

Probably the best things is to do:

1) Learn to remember the past with as few regrets as possible. ( let things go ).
2) Enjoy the present when it's good.
3) Endure it when it's bad as it will pass. ( Like my recent kidney stone, PASSED ..... OUCHY :( )
3) Hope for the future, but don't take it for granted.

Learn that the " Present " is really all that is real and try to live in the present as much as possible.

( Going to the GYM right after posting this to perk up my mood. :D :lol: )

Oh, and happy birthday Patrick 48 isn't so bad, and probably someone 85 would be telling me that 64 isn't so bad. :D :cool:
Robin Smith wrote:
Nathan Robinson wrote:
Happy birthday, Patrick!

I'm old, too. I'll be 45 in June. I don't look so old, though, so there's that. Dating younger women helps, too.

I asked my wife about that... She said "No!" rather firmly :lol:

You could quote Warren Beatty: "My notion of a wife at 40 is that a man should be able to change her, like a bank note, for two 20s."
Getting old is ........

Getting old may seem to be a bit uncomfortable, but considering the alternative ..... It really isn't such a bad deal.

Hmm, I'm reminded of a classic Patrick post of a few years ago :) I'm old too.
edit - found it!

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Nathan Robinson wrote:
Happy birthday, Patrick!

I'm old, too. I'll be 45 in June.

I managed that feat this June just gone. Over the years I've gone from being one of the youngest in my peer group to... well, since I often associate with the videogame crowd, I've been referred to as "grandma" more than once, though that's possibly because I'm a grumpy old harridan. :D

Happy birthday, Patrick. :)
Nathan Robinson wrote:
Dating younger women helps, too.

That will help, right up until it puts you in an early grave! :p

My wife hit fifty last year but I'm not about to replace her with a younger model, she's a keeper.

Again, thank you all.
Carl W. wrote:
Hmm, I'm reminded of a classic Patrick post of a few years ago :) I'm old too.
edit - found it!

Ya know, some days I feel like that horse.
I hit 50 this year. With two younger women in the house (2 yr old twin girls) I'm much to busy to think about slowing down.

Working at a university I'm surrounded by younger people. It feels like I stay the same and they keep get younger. However, they don't make me feel old. Quite the opposite - I often get the illusion that I'm the age of the people around me.

The sum of the wisdom I have acquired from an aging body is...warm up before doing anything strenuous, and head to the physiotherapist as soon as things start to hurt!

- JD
Have a good one.
Happy birthday whippersnapper ! I will be joining Erickson's elite unit on saturday myself. Yup, up to 62. I like to turn this thing of aging on its's head by reminding myself that I'm still here to bitch about the aches and pains of aging, whereas an ever longer list of my friends and associates aren't. Doesn't seem so bad after that. So have a good one, keep a wee dram of
your favourite scotch available for tuck-in time, and smile like the devil when your eyes open on the beginning of yet another year of unexpected marvels and delights.
My Grandmother made it to almost 102. She once said "You're never too old until they close the lid."
She also said "Birthdays are not a problem. It's the lack of one that is."

:lol: Paul
Happy Birthday early Patrick.

I knew I was getting old when one of the girls that used to be in my 14 year old Sunday school class started teaching my 14 year old in HER 14 year old Sunday school class...
One way to realize that you're getting old --

Once you were the young guy in most groups. Now you're the oldest guy.
Happy birthday, Patrick! And happy sword delivery days. :)
They say you're getting old when you find yourself sitting on the end of your bed in your pj's and slippers wondering if you are getting up or going to sleep........
OLD? You're kidding, right?

I'm 62 in April. I weigh 152 pounds, 6'1" height (same as high school). Got all my hair & teeth (hair long, teeth normal :)). Just got done moving several hundred pounds of snow, by HAND. I don't intend to "get old". Im edhel uireb.
Congrats Patrick! At 43 I'm still feeling kinda young swinging rattan sticks at kids half my age.

As someone (you, Lloyd, Jean, ?) on this forum once said "OMG, my gorget's older than this kid!"! :)

[Edit - I believe the quote was from Hal Siegel of Therion Arms]
The solution is easy - when I turned 50 I decided to turn around and head back. I'll turn 43 once again next summer. All that snow shoveling last weekend sure made my back sore anyhow......
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