russian shaska replica on the market
i have started to be very interested in modern Russia history and weaponry, and i would like to add the iconic russian sword, the shaska, to my collection.

i have found on the web the following replicas:

model 1881 russian dragoons shaska (with guard) by universal sword

model 1881 cossak shaska (guardless) by universal sword, windlass and cold steel, the 3 models looks pretty much the same, even if the cold steel version has a slightly different scabbard,

i'm not aware about any other maker on the market, without of course, going for a custom one.

i'm not expecting nothing of exeptional from the mentioned swords, given the fact that they are pretty cheap,

i would like just to know if someone has owned or handled one of swords in question or simply has an opinion about them

Check out this page on Ollin Sword Design's website, GB ...

Off and on, I too have played with the idea of acquiring or commissioning a shaska
for my small collection of sabers. While I can't tell you specifically about the swords
and their makers you listed, I HAVE owned a Cold Steel Saber in the past; it appeared
nicely made and detailed ( for the price ), so it might be safe to suggest the same can
be said for their shaska.

On the other hand, I have a Polish Hussar Saber I commissioned from Ollin and
they do / did very very nice work. The sword listed on the webpage above, IF still
available, would -- more than likely -- be of equal excellence. I know the price may
be high, but -- like you -- I haven't found any other sellers of said blade.

Hope this is helpful, or if not, at least interesting.

Kizlyar make both a Caucasian shashka and a Cossack (i.e., military) shashka. IMO, they're expensive for what they are. The Caucasian shashka is a nice sabre, about 700g, cuts well.
I was not aware about Kizlyar, the military shashka looks like the cold steel version, the caucasian version is very nice but it is completely outside my budget, the same can be applied to the magnificent model produced by Ollin,

i have discovered that Lutel has made some dragoons shashka, there are a couple of examples on their custom works photo gallery, i have send them a request of information, but i'm sure that they will be also pretty expensive,

probably the only option for a cheap one in windlass or universal sword at this point, i have seen that the universal sword version is sold even with a bayonet for the mosin-nagant rifle included...

both version looks quite heavy on the other hands, but for the price point i believe that it can be expected
... ahhh, I forgot about Lutel ! I seem to recall they DID make one recently -- probably
a special order. But yes, likely as expensive as the one Ollin offers ...

Here's the webpage for the saber Lutel did :

Have you considered a historical antique ? You might find one in a more reasonalbe
price range ....
Well, isn't really recommendable, Lutel Handicraft is the real and reliable Lutel.
Gabriele Becattini wrote:
I was not aware about Kizlyar, the military shashka looks like the cold steel version, the caucasian version is very nice but it is completely outside my budget, the same can be applied to the magnificent model produced by Ollin,

The Ollin one is better (and double the price). Like I said, I think the Kizlyar is expensive (I got one cheap, and I like it, but I wouldn't call it a bargain even at the reduced price (iirc, 40-50% off the usual price)).

The military shashka isn't the Universal/Cold Steel one; the Kizlyar one is their usual steel which is approximately 440A stainless steel. (Which will put some people off.) I haven't seen any reviews of it, but judging by their Caucasian shashka and other Indian-made replica sabres, the Kizlyar is probably better-handing.

For those who haven't seen it, here are the Kizlyar shashkas:
Hopping on the subject, this historic shashka has an interesting story: brought as a war trophy from the Golan Heights during the Six-Days War, June 1967. Here after restoration, with its original belt & fittings. It bears a non-Arabic name and date, marked in Arabic fonts on the scabbard. The blade is three-fullered European trade one.

 Attachment: 148.54 KB

Cant help on the original brand Q,
But the few military fairs I've been too normally have one or two at reasonable price's, but not much middle ground, nice or rough so far, but in hand the antiques have been very nice,
and just to throw a pic in of modern,
here's Ravens one, 4-5 figures I expect, but a lovely example,
Russian shashkas sit in their scabbard up to the hilt. Those with the hilt partially covered by the scabbard are Caucasian, specifically Circassian, and were carried edge-up, much like a katana.
Talking about production sword, Hanwei has shashka available as well... At least in Hanwei china website (and was offered for limited time by Kult Of Athena)...

Maybe CAS Iberia would offer it real soon as well?
the example that Sa'ar has posted is very beautiful even if it is not my area of interest as i'm looking for a military model,

the link that Hartoyo has posted is very interesting, as it is an officer model shahska from Nicolas II time, exactly the period that i'm looking for, never see it on the market till now

after a close look at the various production model, the only real reproduction of a military model is the one offered by universal sword, but it is a soviet period shashka with soviet marking and date,

the windlass and cold steel are not real repro of a military pattern but rather interpretations of it

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