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Hello, I have a custom blunt longsword from Yeshua’s Sword:

-This longsword is based on more german style and is based on some swords in the Talhoffer manuscripts.

-The blade is 36inches and was produced by Ernie of Yeshua’s sword.

-The handle is 10.5 inch overall.

-The edge is 1mm thick and just needs to be sharpened.

It handles beautifully and would make a fantastic cutter. The POB is about 4 inches from the hilt. This sword is brand new.

I am asking $475.00 Shipped CONUS Paypal or money order please.

If you would like Ernie to sharpen it I can just send it to him and have him sharpen it and send it directly to you. Either that or you can contact him yourself.

This would make a great Christmas gift!

Thanks for looking!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

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