Sharpening help on Kirpan?
Hi ,
I am a newbie new member here from North India. I am a Sikh and yes we have long uncut hair and beards Lol.

I have couple of daggers and swords which i would like to sharpen using whetstones i bought

1000/6000 and 8000/10000 grits

The thing that bothers me is that my 3 feet long Kirpan's are curved and i would like to know how would i need to sharpen them .

following link to facebook contains their pics

Thanks in advance
I cannot see your pictures, since I am not a Facebook member, but I don't think the curverature of the blades should be an issue. The important thing is the angle between the the stone and the blade, along with the edge profile you either intend to create or preserve. A little research into the configurations of edge profiles should help.
Hi Greg ,

Thanks for the reply .
Here's the updated Link >>
Hi Sher,

There are probably a lot of members that can give you better sharpening advice then me but the stones you have seem very fine to me. They are for keeping sharp not so much for putting an edge on a blade.
I don't know how sharp your blades are, but if they are very dull you'll probably need some lower grid stones.

Or you can use wet sanding paper, that's what i like to use.
Sharpening stones are mostly for maintaining an edge, not grinding one in.

The go to modern solution to sharpening a sword from dull/unsharpened is VERY controlled grinding with a fine grit stationary belt sander, followed by stones or a paper wheel to get it truly sharp. This is how most forumites, people on swordbuyersguide, etc. seem edge their unsharpened swords.

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