Michael Pacher - Catherine of Alexandria sword
Of course, I saw this in the 'Wallace Collection A466 type XVIII' thread. I am a bit ignorant in these matters. Is this a real sword? By real, I mean realistic even for Pacher's time, and not that she would be wielding it.. I am a bit suspicious because of the broken wheel with her. If or if not real, is it mostly a thruster?

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The broken wheel is part of the iconography of St. Catherine. The realism of the sword's portrayal shouldn't be questioned because of the wheel, IMHO.
Yes, Pacher is second half 15th century, and the sword is fine for that period - Oakeshott type XVIII or XVIIIa and with that strong mid-rib designed mainly for thrusting. Slightly unusual 'fishtail' pommel but not impossible. Besides the wheel on which she was broken, but miraculously not killed, St Catherine (of Alexandria) is often portrayed with a 2-handed sword - with which she was killed!
Oops, I apologize, I didn't intend to be disrespectful. I just imagine that when depicting the miraculous, attention to mundane technical details might not be a paramount concern for the artist.
I suppose that I have an implied question here. I presume that that ridge is a high drag feature in a cut. Aren't the broadness of the blade and that ridge competing features?

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